Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Well, You Won't Have Michael Turner to Kick Around Anymore.

Cuz' he daid.

Oh, what, too soon?

Hey: anyone reflexively reaching for the keyboard to tell me what an ass I am for being a bit flippant about Michael Turner's recent death from a particularly horrible bout of cancer can just shut the hell up if they were one of the many expressing their outrage and indignation over his various works. The hate and bile I heard expressed while he was alive, as far as I'm concerned, negates any right those same people have to give me a hard time for maybe not being properly respectful now that he's passed away.

'Course, I dunno, maybe there's a bunch of folks out there actually inwardly gleeful that he's dead, meaning there's one less antichrist of anti-feminist girlie art for them to warrior-blog against.

Yes, yes, standard disclaimers, not every fangirl feminist was out for Turner's blood. But even now at WFA I can go follow a link or two and read someone talking about how they'd like to do violence to some particular creator because that creator isn't being caring and respectful enough to some other category of human beings in their work, and do these people ever read what they write sometimes?

It's the double standard of hate. You hate something. I hate you for hating something. Your hate is unjustified. Mine is holy.

But at the risk of sounding Ditko-esque, hate is hate.


Anonymous said...

Whats wrong with Michael Turner's art? You should draw what you like drawing right? If you can make money doing it more power to you. I am sad to see him go but truth be told I know little of the man. Was he like Joss Whedon with the much raping of the wife?

Anon, A Mouse said...

Look up last year's conversations on the blogosphere about Michael Turner and Power Girl. He did a cover picture featuring that character that was heavily criticized for a number of things, such as her breast size, her (supposedly meek and submissive) posture, and other factors, and that image was held up as a prime example of comics sexism, and much of the discussion got a bit heated.

Turns out, although I'm not sure how many people were really aware of it at the time, that Turner was suffering from cancer (which he'd been diagnosed with from the year 2000, though it went in and out of remission).

Andre said...

Well you can still get cancer and be sexist I guess, still I find it sad that people are so fast to slam people on the net and they can get so worked up over things to the point of obsession.
I know this might sound odd but what if his sexed up art did make DC more money? Would DC have the right or even be in the right to use his art?

I know this might not be the case but are comics so much of a small market that they would be willing to turn girls away with Michael Turner's art? Did his art in fact turn girls away or just make then roll there eyes? If DC was happy with his art and the fangirls took offense wouldn't it make more sense to attack DC and let the artists be in peace drawing what they like?

I would like it if DC had afew more really kick ass girls running around. Also better story's would be nice but I just don't see the need to get worked up over what most would call cheesy art. Was he also the wrighter of the storys and were those sexist?

Anon, A Mouse said...


I'm not aware of him writing any stories for DC, just doing artwork, however, he was the creator of Fathom and the head of his own independent publishing imprint.

Anonymous said...

Also better story's would be nice but I just don't see the need to get worked up over what most would call cheesy art.

That's because you think using rationality and fair-mindedness. The people who do get "worked up" don't (even though they say they do). They use overwrought emotionality, coupled with personal prejudices and an out-of-control ego.

This is why no one, outside of others who are the same, take them seriously or heed anything they say with anything more than disdain, pity and/or indifference.

Andre said...

I am all for the fans pushing for storys and art they would like better but having just looked at some of those posts I would say that level of rage would look more fitting for rapist. We thinks offline few of them are that hateful its just the way people get on the net about something they care about. Or they just like frothing at the mouth with anger and there is something kinda fun about that sometimes. I have seen on the net that any feeling tend to get magnified when posted on a forum.

Anonymous said...

We thinks offline few of them are that hateful its just the way people get on the net about something they care about.

I've often felt that the Internet has tapped into something within a lot of people. Something dark, which is normally kept in check and under control. But online, these people feel they don't have to restrain their darker emotions and can let it all run wild. They what they write here, no matter how hurtful or hateful it might be, is okay, because they don't have to see the face of their intended victim and they have the realtive safty of anonymity to hide behind.

It really speak of something not so nice, that these same people don't have the intestinal fortitude to do. say to a person's face, what they do online. They are simply bullies. Just like the kind we've dealt with in high school or the job. They like to push around people who can't/won't fight back and when they have the advantage of not having to take responsibility for the reprocussions their actions can have.

It is a sad statement on humanity, that people like this exist and continue to do as they do.

Andre said...

Girl1: Wow she is showing alot of skin.
Girl2: Yah I hate that. Why cant she have armor as well?
Girl1: The artist wanted to sex up the pic.
Girl2: Thats kinda sexist really.
Girl1: Kinda? That is sexist making a girl a peace of meat for a man to look at and little more.
Girl2: I wonder what his wife thinks of that!
Girl1: I bet she is used to it.
Girl2: I could never be with someone that mentally abused me like that!
Girl1: I bet its worse then that! That kinda abuse leads to hitting.
Girl2: I bet he hits his wife.
Girl1: I know a man like that would hit his wife. He cares nothing for her other then a sex toy and slave.
Girl2: I bet he rapes his wife even. If he cares nothing for her as a person he would not care if she wanted it or not.
Girl1: Yah he must rape his wife!

Anonymous said...

A fairly accurate representation of how these things progess among those types of feminists, andre. Nicely done. ;)

Andre said...

Thank you
Still its just normal people. I see people make those kinda jumps when talking about what kinda car to get or if the X-Box is better then the PS3 and I would not be shocked to find that everyone is a little guilty about doing it with politics.